Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted a free trip. 

< I see those hands! >

I remember the first free trip I was ever sent on… 

I was 19 years old and had just scored my dream internship with Contiki Tours as a marketing intern (yes, there is a hilariously embarrassing travel blog documenting that time, and I don’t give that link out freely).

So instead of getting paid for the internship, I accepted two free Contiki trips to Europe – one at the start of the internship and one after completing it.

Can you say, teenage life goals complete?

Well it occurred to me that just this past year, I again made one decision that resulted in TWO free trips.

One was to Portugal and the other was to Nicaragua (where I’m writing this now).

Portugal happened because I reached out to a brand called Surf Office. I offered to run their Instagram account for a week and in exchange, they offered me free accommodation for a week. 

Cool, right? 

And Nicaragua has come together because I’m working with a brand called Nomad Life.

I’m sharing their mission with my audience on Instagram in exchange for working remotely from their co-working and co-living space for a month.

So what was the catalyst this time for the two free trips to happen?


Yup. When I look back on the last year, a pivotal moment for me was when I decided to take the growth of my personal Instagram account seriously.

And taking the growth of my account seriously has resulted in a free trip to Portugal and a free trip to Nicaragua.

My commitment to Instagram growth started just 9 months ago.

And since then, my online brand has grown (check out two features that just came out this past week here and here), and I’ve worked with brands numerous times in exchange for free travel.

Forget teenage life goals. These are my literal adult-life-forever goals.

How did this all happen? INSTAGRAM.

If you’ve yet to take my free masterclass to get started on YOUR Instagram growth, join us today while it’s still up!

How to boost your sales, leads and clients from Instagram in 2020

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