Elise Darma
is available ;)

I’m an extroverted
introvert, but I
can turn
it ON for your audience!

Considered one of the top Instagram educators
today (thanks mom!), I love tapping into my 8 years
as a piano teacher and breaking. things. down. for
you and your audience.

“Elise knows her stuff
it comes to
social media.”

This is one of my most
favorite episodes. To learn from

somebody who’s gone before us
is always a great thing.

Amy Porterfield
Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

I’m known for my no-fluff,
actionable teaching style,
with a dash
of awkward jokes and
self-deprecating humor.

My favorite topics to cover
these days include:

  • Instagram marketing for business
    (but of course!)
  • Video marketing for business, including
    Reels and YouTube
  • Online business, the beautiful beast
    that it is, covering
    everything from
    my personal journey, storytelling,

    copywriting and creating a course-
    based business

If you’re a journalist, podcaster, blogger
or social media influencer with
established audience and would like
to chat – either on your
publication, blog or social channels –
keep scrolling for media
(yep, I’ve done the work for you!) and
how best to get in touch.

“Elise is an amazing

Instagram expert
and teacher.”

She’s smart, articulate and very
focused. That’s why we
asking her to present at our
various events. If you
marketing wisdom from the best,
look no further.

Michael Stelzner
Founder of Social Media Examiner


My 2014 self would
pretty pumped
to see my
name in
these lights.

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I’m that front-of-class type who’s
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elise Darma An extroverted introvert

I teach not-so-Insta-famous
business people how to
show up on
in a way that’s bearable and
Let me show you the
ways. (It’ll be fun, I promise.)