Your Customers Are Looking For You Right Now. This Second

It’s time you made it easy for them.

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You’re a rare one.

As someone who’s said “no!” to the corporate ladder and decided to go for it – like, really really go for it – by building your own digital empire, you’re part of the 1%.

You’re putting your programs, services and courses out there into the world. 

You’re certainly not someone to back down from a challenge. 

And you know that Instagram is where it’s at when it comes to growing your brand online.

So what gives? Why does it feel like everyone around you is making money from their following, and you’re left feeling in the dark?

You’re more than willing to “DO THE WORK,” so why is it such a struggle? 

Fact is… there are just some things you can’t Google fast enough on your own before you’re behind again. 

And there are some prevailing myths out there that far too many entrepreneurs believe about social media.

Sometimes, the overwhelm just bubbles over, and you need a little 20/20 hindsight from someone who’s been there, done that to break through.

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My name is Elise Darma.
I know allllll about what you're going through.

I’ve been working in social media since 2010. It’s basically how I’ve earned a full-time living in all my adult years.

The first few years, I was an employee. But in 2014, I broke out on my own and have been growing Instagram accounts for clients ever since.

Today, I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself to teach them the ropes on how to use Instagram to *actually* grow a business.

But I’m not talking followers and likes just to look fake-popular. No, no, no.

My speciality is in helping the not-so-Insta-famous people make actual, REAL revenue directly from this glorious free app.

Together, we’ve collectively earned almost $1,000,000 in reported revenue – directly from Instagram.

I could give you a long list of all of my degrees and accolades, but what you really need to know is all right here >>

So what's my story?

I started my own agency called Canupy back in 2014 because I wanted my very own location-independent business. After a few years of traveling and working online as a digital nomad, I got bored.

I decided I wanted financial independence, so I set my sights on getting more clients.

I set off to grow my personal account on Instagram (oh hey, @elisedarma) to serve as a portfolio piece to show future clients.

What ended up happening was I accidentally launched a personal brand, complete with a following of 60,000 people who did NOT want my agency’s services. 😂

It was then that I discovered my new identity as a coach and teacher.

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I went on to create multiple courses, offer one-on-one private consulting and even host in-private retreats in Lisbon and Bali

But this isn’t about me.

Today, my mission is all about helping YOU turn Instagram into a brand new revenue stream in your business, so that you can experience the sweet joys of a booked out business-and the freedom that comes with it.



Want to sell more of your programs, get booked out with clients, and build a money-making brand on the world’s #1 social media platform?

Your clients and customers are WAITING for you on Instagram. They need the services and skills that only you can provide.

So if you’re ready to turn Instagram into a new revenue stream in a way that’s simple yet dangerously effective…let’s talk.

You can check out all the ways we can work together by clicking here

If you need a little more time to get to know me and see if I’m your gal, you can get a taste of my teaching style in my free Instagram masterclass by clicking here