How This Emotional Wellness Coach Launched Her First Black Friday Offer and Made Over $13,320 In One Weekend Using Social Media

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POSTED February 02, 2024 BY Elise Darma

“Launching a Black Friday offer felt like this big, scary thing. I had never done it before, and I felt like there was so much I didn’t know!” 

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the launching process, Vinita Temmert feels your pain. As a Rapid Transformation Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnotherapy and Holistic Mental Health Expert, she was confident in how she could help her clients. 

She even spent 20 years traveling the globe consulting in people solutions and change management! ✈️

After having children, Vinita decided to leave the corporate world to become a sole practitioner, building up a client list based exclusively on referrals because of her authority on the subject and her ability to authentically connect with people.  

But her business model wasn’t sustainable, because it required her to be out networking all of the time. She needed a way to attract clients without her being there 100% of the time. 

On top of that, she was experiencing both lucrative and not-so-lucrative months (as a lot of growing small businesses can relate to), because almost all of her business was coming from referrals. She had a consistency issue. 

So, after following me for years, she decided to jump into Take It To The Bank and create her very first Black Friday offer. 

Here are the steps she took to make over $8,200 in one weekend using social media! 

Headshot of a woman with dark hair smiling with a text overlay that reads "how this coach launched her first Black Friday offer and made $13,320 in one weekend using social media."

1. She jumped right in and started following a proven plan. 

Vinita wasted no time taking action on the proven formula inside of Take It To The Bank! 

Screenshot of a Facebook comment from Vinita Temmert, highlighting "wow", "lean into this step", and "it's only day one."

So much of success in business comes from ~actually doing the work~, and Vinita is a great reminder of that. As soon as she joined the program, she started following the steps I laid out. 

2. She did audience research.  

When she did her audience research (something I walk everyone through in Week 2 of Take It To The Bank), she walked away with a crystal clear understanding of what they were experiencing. 

This allowed Vinita to deeply connect with her target audience in her content, and also create messaging that didn’t have a “sales vibe”. 

In fact, this is the week Team Elise started talking about her in our Slack channel… it became routine to say, “Have you seen what Vinita posted?! She’s on fire!” every few days. 🙌

And because she took so much fast action, she got invited to be on not one, but TWO podcasts! When Team Elise followed up with her, she had already received two more invitations.  

Screenshot of a Facebook comment from Vinita Temmert, saying she recorded a podcast and the host announced he will be doing a series and directed listeners to her offers.

3. She showed up consistently and said yes to opportunities. 

When Vinita started gaining traction from her research, she received opportunities to speak more. Instead of shying away, she leaned in and kept saying YES! 

She stayed open to collaborations and was willing to continue conversations with those who needed her most.

Screenshot of a Facebook comment from Vinita Temmert, saying podcast host wants to create an offer together and monetize.

4. She put her program out there and LAUNCHED.

It’s easy to lay the groundwork out for your offer, and then sit on it. Especially if you’ve never launched something on social media before (like Vinita)! 

But Vinita stuck to the plan and launched her Black Friday offer. She didn’t let anything stand in her way, and she was floored by the results. 

Screenshot of a comment from Vinita Temmert, saying she made 6,545 euros in sales over the weekend.







👆This is a screenshot of a progress report she sent us along the way… Vinita ended up bringing in €12,235 – which is about $13,320 USD!! 

Just because she said YES to launching and NO to overwhelm, procrastination, and self-doubt. 

Vinita’s Top Advice for Other Coaches Struggling to Gain New Clients Consistently 

Coincidentally, Vinita’s advice for other coaches lines up with one of our company pillars at Team Elise!! 

She says, “Have fun! It’s your journey, so jump in and experiment. Be fearless about it. Just try it. Create from the heart and seek support when you need it.” 

She also recommends plugging into a coaching program to stay accountable and take the mystery out of things. 

Screenshot of a Facebook comment from Vinita Temmert, saying it's been her most productive container ever.

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POSTED February 02, 2024 BY Elise Darma

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