Years ago, not many people would have imagined that Botox would be a household name.

And 10 years ago, Dr. Amir Rouzati wouldn’t have imagined that he’d be using an online social network like Instagram to promote his Botox services to strangers on the Internet who would then eagerly become clients.

Everyone from Cindy Crawford to your grandma is getting those little forehead pin pricks and Dr. Rouzati is pulling in at least two new clients each week through his Instagram account.

Dr. Rouzati (@dr.amir.rouzati) is a Toronto-based physician and medical aesthetics doctor whose bread-and-butter (or Botox-and-filler?) is non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

He’s been helping people achieve their aesthetic goals for over 15 years, making him one of the OGs of the medical aesthetic scene in the Toronto area.

Fun fact: he told me that someone recently introduced him as the grandfather of Botox in the city. “I took that as a compliment,” he said.

How this medical aesthetics doctor gets two new clients each week all through Instagram - Elise DarmaAnyway. Back when we met in the spring of 2018, business was good. But Dr. Rouzati wanted it to be even better. And he wanted to take advantage of Instagram.

He signed up for InstaGrowth Boss. He hired my team to develop an Instagram strategy guide for his biz.

He had 780 followers at the time. Today, that number is over 3,000. Growing every day and, more importantly, bringing in new business every. single. week.

So how did he do it? How does one use Instagram to help people decide that a) Botox and fillers are right for them and b) their business is the place to go?

I asked Dr. Rouzati that very thing a little while ago. And he told me. And now I’m gonna share it with you.

Here’s what Dr. Rouzati had to say.👇

If you’d rather watch Dr. Rouzati share his story in video format and hear his story straight from him, scroll to the bottom of this post.

But first – why Dr. Rouzati decided to invest in Instagram

Like I mentioned before, his medical aesthetics business was already doing well when he decided to train his sights on Instagram.

But there was one thing.

“We had a problem that I think a lot of established businesses, both in medicine and maybe outside of medicine, would have. We had been at this for over a decade but if someone went and searched on social media, maybe another place that has been at it for less than a year they may have looked a lot more prominent.”

Could he have stayed off the ‘gram and let his business continue to do its thing? Sure. 

But rather than let less established (and maybe less credible) businesses steal the social media spotlight, Dr. Rouzati decided it was time to jump in the pond and see what happened.

“For us, the objective was ‘How do we make sure that we’re not absent from this space?’ because to be absent from it would be equivalent to not having a website, to maybe not even having a business card. I was just at a function on the weekend and guess what? … They were not trading business cards. They were looking each other up on Instagram.

His Instagram strategy’s effect on his bottom line

When Dr. Rouzati started implementing the tactics he learned through InstaGrowth Boss and the custom Instagram strategy I created for him, his goals were simple:

Introduce his business to new clients, give them a chance to get to know him, build rapport.

He got more than he bargained for. In the best possible way.

“It has become a legitimate source of new patients for us. After patient referrals, which is my number one source, the number two is Instagram … We are getting two to three clients a week from our Instagram. These are qualified clients that are coming through … This is a repeat industry so after four months, five months they need to have another treatment. So, the lifetime value of the client cycle can be quite robust. I will say that the lifetime value is over six figures.”

A year-and-a-half after getting started with an Instagram strategy, the lifetime value of that investment is around six figures.

That’s $100,000.

*Insert a smooth, sculpted jaw drop*

The strategies that had the biggest impact for Dr. Rouzati

Dr. Rouzati didn’t just throw up a couple behind-the-scenes videos of real-life cosmetic treatments on Instagram Stories (although he has, and they’re fascinating). 

He does it mindfully. Strategically.

Looking back on how he’s approached Instagram for the last 18 months, he says the three biggest game-changers for him have been:

  • Reengaging existing clients. Dr. Rouzati isn’t just focused on attracting new leads. He makes sure that his Instagram content is speaking to his existing clients, too. It’s educational, entertaining, curious. He’s not leaving his current customer base out of the conversation.

    Scrolling through Dr Amir Rouzati's Instagram Stories

  • Knowing his ideal client. He’s laser focused about who his audience is. A medical aesthetics business is a very local business; Dr. Rouzati’s client base and therefore his Instagram audience is from Toronto. They’re also mostly women.

    So, that’s who he creates content for. He also blocks any bot followers, to keep his audience real. The result? A mega-engaged following; 30% of his followers watch his Instagram Stories.


  • Prizing quality over quantity and staying consistent. He doesn’t have time to do amazing posts and Stories every single day. Three per week is Dr. Rouzati’s magic number. He sticks to it, and it works.

    He’s getting new clients from Instagram every week. Plus, people he doesn’t know are coming up to him at industry functions and telling him how much they love his content.


  • Never overselling. In fact, he might undersell. One in every five posts might be a bit of a sales tactic. Instead, he focused on likeability, trustworthiness and building authority. And it’s that mix that drives sales.



His advice for other physicians and medical aesthetics doctors

First and foremost: get on the damn ‘gram!

I don’t think you can afford to be absent from [Instagram]. Everybody might have a different amount of resources they want to put into this based on where their career and their practice is, but you can’t be absent … It’s like your business card. People like to browse it, they like to see who you are, and they probably make some decisions about your business based on what they see.”

Once you’re on it, Dr. Rouzati sums up his advice for his fellow medical professionals as…

  • Get a strategy. “I think that every business has to figure out a strategy. You don’t want to go through five years of trial and error to do this. That’s where the InstaGrowth Boss and strategy guide really helped us.”


  • Figure out your ideal customer. Fall in love with your customer avatar. Really figure out who that is.”


  • Wait. “Be a little bit patient. These strategies can take three to six months to see results.”



How Instagram has changed Dr. Rouzati’s business overall

Looking back on the changes in his business from spring 2018 to now, Dr. Rouzati says it’s hard to find the words. 

That’s how huge of an impact simply using Instagram strategically has had on his success.

“Had we not made that investment, I think we would have stopped growing. If a business is not growing, no matter how great you are, you are doing the opposite. You are contracting. I’m really proud of what I did and what our staff did on Instagram. It’s resulted in substantial growth and growth means staying competitive and staying alive. It’s juiced us up.”

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