October 2018 income report: $36,013.92

October 2018 income report: $36,013.92

If you’re all caught up on my September income report, you’ll know that I adopted a “less is more” attitude, which carried over into the month of October. 🎃

I promised myself to NOT create any new projects, commitments or agreements… but to simply carry out what was already in motion.

I also promised myself to take a few steps AWAY from my business… to do something radically different in order to give myself some mental white space.


After spending the month of October in a more ~relaxed~ mode, I’m pleasantly surprised to see the numbers in my business are actually higher than usual.

September 2018 income report: $25,427.98

September 2018 income report: $25,427.98

Ahhh September.

The perfect time to harness the “back to school” energy of the fall season and do lots of big things.


That was my thinking back in August, anyway.

So September was a bit of an ambitious month, including:

  • Travel to LA and Vancouver for a few days of filming (more on that to come soon!)

  • Hosting two live masterclasses

  • Travel to Holland for a week

  • Launching the Bali retreat

  • Prepping to travel to Connecticut for a week in early October

August 2018 income report: $32,100.79

August 2018 income report: $32,100.79

I made some tough calls back in July... and I'm happy to see the decisions I made resulted in a healthy month of business revenue, profit – and a raise to myself!

This month was healthy for a few reasons:

  • As mentioned in my July report, the results of a promotion I ran in July are now reflected in my August numbers

  • I made a concerted effort to cut back on some expenses in order to improve my profit margins, which included cutting back on the number of contractors I have on my team

  • I gained a better return on my Facebook ad spend

With that in mind, here’s how August went for me – revenue, expense and profit-wise. 

July 2018 income report: $25,292.10

July 2018 income report: $25,292.10

July is the seventh month of the year. 

That means this is my seventh income report of 2018.

Most headlines... I try to get creative with a theme that happened in the month.

This time? I'm going with the straight-up revenue number in the headline. 

What do we think about this new format? 😬

Lazy on my part? Perhaps. Getting right to the point? Perhaps that too.

If you've read my income reports before, you'll know to me, the total revenue number actually ISN'T the point.

The revenue number is the sexy, flashy number that most online marketers use to sell their goods.

But me? I'm interested in what's left AFTER you've spent $12,000 on Facebook ads.

(More on that below.)

June 2018 income report: the Lisbon retreat is here!

June 2018 income report: the Lisbon retreat is here!

Ahhh where did June and July go!

In short: TRAVEL.

Lots of it.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

  • Riomaggiore, Italy

  • Oranjestad, Aruba

  • Vancouver, Canada

Some of it was business and some of it was personal.

My fave? Gotta be the retreat I held in Lisbon.

You can see highlights of the Lisbon trip below. ⤵️

What my favourite business podcasts have taught me

What my favourite business podcasts have taught me

Who you spend your time with will influence your success.

Corny, I know, but it's true.

Your mentors, friends, family and even who you follow on social media all help shape you into the person you are.

It's why I always carve out time to listen to my favourite business podcasts. All you need is one hour a day to learn something new that can help change the course of your business.

The best part? Podcasts are free.

You don't need to have a ton of money to tap into the expertise of some of the biggest names out there.

You just need to make the time.

Here are some of my favourite business podcasts that have helped shape my business into what it is today.

May 2018 income report: simma down now...

May 2018 income report: simma down now...

Last month's report included a whopping headline, record-breaking numbers and a whole lotta money paid to Facebook Ads. 💸

This month can be summarized as more of a... transitional reality check.

Transitional = I added two new people to my team (service providers).

Reality check = $50K months are not the norm around here... YET.

We still have a few more bumps to overcome.

So what happened in May?

April 2018 income report: a $50K month!?

April 2018 income report: a $50K month!?

I feel like I could just share this:


...and be done with my April income report. 😛

Okay, but in all seriousness, some marketers may just drop their big revenue numbers like this and then run. 🏃

But not me. I can't stand that $#^!.

How about we talk about the real stuff that it takes to generate those numbers?

That's exactly why I started sharing income reports this year. Because I feel strongly about giving you the full picture, not just the pretty, surface level numbers.