If you’re like me, you’ve left your gift shopping to the very. last. minute.

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But if you’re here, seeking inspiration, it means you’re lucky enough to keep company with someone who’s either a full-fledged or an aspiring entrepreneur. Even better, they love to travel (this person sounds awesome).

Since I’m home right now for the holidays, I’d like to show you all the tools and devices I use to run a business while traveling – and hopefully spark a few gift-giving ideas for you.

Take a look!


#1. A Moleskine notebook.


You literally can’t go wrong with a solid notebook. A lot of people recommend Moleskine. It doesn’t have to be Moleskine, just has to be sturdy, good quality. I like a simple one with lined pages.

#2. Laptop sleeve.


As a travelpreneur, your business is basically run from your laptop and your smartphone.

So if you spot any unique or pretty laptop sleeves or smartphone cases that both protect the devices and look cool too – everybody wins.

#3. External drive.


I’ve had my drive for a couple years and it’s awesome for backing up photos, files, but more importantly – client work. An external drive is a really useful (though maybe not super sexy) gift for anyone running a business.

#4. External battery charger


Do you even Snapchat?

As a travelpreneur, your phone gets used A LOT. This handy external charger is small enough to fit into my laptop bag or purse, and is always charged up and ready to give my phone a little more juice when it needs it. 

#5. LuMee phone case.


Meet the fun LuMee phone case.

Surprisingly, the phone case is really handy. As a business person who uses social media a lot and is constantly snapchatting, live-streaming or vlogging, your gift recipient might enjoy this case which provides extra light to the face (especially good for dark or back-lit scenes). 

#6. GoPro Camera


Now, this is a bit of a splurge, but if you have the budget, a GoPro is definitely a fun toy.

As a camera that can go record all life’s many adventures, it’s handy for anyone whose business relies on high quality content.

#7. Business cards from Moo.com


Even with online digital businesses, networking and handing out business cards is still a tried-and-true practice.

If you know a business person who’s in need of more or new cards, grab a gift card from Moo.com.

#8. Whiteboard.


My home office got a new addition to it this year; a whiteboard.

I write out my monthly, my quarterly, even my yearly goals and every time I’m working from my home office, they are there as a reminder.

#9. Travelpreneur bag by Lo & Sons.


Last but not least, one thing I can’t help but recommend is this very handy bag that I have been using to carry all my supplies in.

It’s a travel bag, specifically for the travelpreneur. So it’s got all the compartments and pockets for your laptop, devices and personal items. My favourite feature is that it hooks right on top of your carry-on bag and makes travel a breeze.

I hope that gives you a few last minute gift ideas for the aspiring travelpreneur or digital nomad.

Have a happy holiday time and good luck with the shopping!

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