Who you spend your time with will influence your success.

Corny, I know, but it’s true.

Your mentors, friends, family and even who you follow on social media all help shape you into the person you are.

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It’s why I always carve out time to listen to my favourite business podcasts.

All you need is one hour a day to learn something new that can help change the course of your business.

Whether it’s trying a new tactic to grow your email list or listening to how someone grew their income to six or seven figures, the knowledge adds up.

The best part? Podcasts are free.

You don’t need to spend any money to tap into the expertise of some of the biggest names out there.

You just need to make the time.

Here are some of the top business podcasts that have helped shape my business into what it is today.

Haven’t Ever Stopped Listening To (My Top Picks):


The Online Marketing Made Easy podcast is run by one of the top online marketers today – Amy Porterfield.

Armed with a power-house of knowledge, her weekly podcasts have helped transform my business.

She inspired me to delve into my power of being an online educator, and taught me one of my biggest lessons to date: how to use an email list to generate profit.

The energy of your business is directly tied to your email list” is an Amy Porterfield mantra I’ve etched into my brain.

Meeting Amy at Social Media Marketing World

Meeting Amy at Social Media Marketing World

After growing my Instagram to 70,000 followers, I realized I would lose everything if anything happened to my profile. I needed to convert my passive social media followers into my most valued asset: active and engaged email subscribers.

Like most people, I had absolutely no idea where to begin, what to do with my email subscribers or what kind of strategies to use to grow this #holygrail email list that everyone kept talking about! 

Cherry on top of my email list troubles? A double opt-in for an email list is legally required by law in Canada, so building an email list became even more of a feat.

Long story short, I started building my email list in September of 2016 with ConvertKit, and these are my stats today:

  • 29,900 – all subscribers
  • 16,400 – unconfirmed subscribers
  • 8,900 – confirmed subscribers

If I was a U.S.-based business, my list would be 30K. But because of the Canadian laws, my list is 9K confirmed subscribers.


These stats are definitely surprising to me as I never knew SO many people were unconfirmed! (Like… don’t you actually want your Instagram guide sent to you after you’ve asked for it? 😁

BUT, it’s definitely motivating to work on how I ensure people confirm they want to be on my list – either through videos on the thank-you pages, explicit instructions on how to confirm within the very first email I send them, or creating new strategies to ensure emails from my address don’t hit the spam folder.

Listening to Amy’s many podcasts about email marketing has really helped me develop my email list game and ensure I’m giving out the best content to my email subs. 

If you’re also feeling a bit lost, listen to Amy’s episode: List Building + Social Media (What’s Working Now).

Other podcasts that are firmly in my top three include:

My Up And Coming Faves:


One of the hardest parts of becoming a freelance entrepreneur is money.

All of a sudden, your salary is no longer guaranteed, and you have to start wearing the hat of financial guru.

It’s daunting, to say the least.

But the only way to stop freaking out about money is to know what your numbers look like.

Emily Thompson from the Being Boss podcast realized that after crunching her numbers, she would need to launch a new website every three days to achieve her ideal revenue.

Knowing my numbers showed me that there’s something messed up in my business. It gave me a moment of clarity to make an informed decision about what I needed to do to create a business that gave me a life I wanted.

The Being Boss podcast really helped me shift my mindset around this topic and stop stressing out about my finances.

It helped me get a grip on what I needed to charge for my services and not feel guilty about it. But most of all, it helped me to start treating my income like a professional.

Want to kick-start the financial health of your business? Listen to the Money Mindset episode and learn from Emily’s and Kathleen’s mistakes and wins.

Other podcasts I’ve loved this year:

My Newer Listens:


  • “No one is you, and that is your superpower.”
  • “When you turn your hobby into a business, it becomes about something other than you.”
  • “Be as specific as possible. If you try to attract anybody and everybody, you attract nobody.”

These are some of my favourite takeaways from Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast.

Her episodes are packed with actionable advice and guests that will inspire you to take your first steps towards owning your own business.

One of the episodes I highly recommend to everyone is called How to Find Your Audience.

If you’ve ever attended one of my masterclasses or courses, you’ll know how important finding your tribe is to any business’s success.

Cathy shares tactics on how you can tailor your service to your core community, and what you can do to create a solution to the needs of your audience.

It’s her bite-sized chunks of wisdom that have helped me tap into what people want from me and have led to me developing other services, such as digital nomad retreats and one-on-one business coaching.

Other podcasts that I’ve recently started to get into:

While you’re checking out Sara’s podcast, take a listen to my episode on Sara’s show – Ep. 11 “How Do I Reach More of My Potential Buyers? It was a blast to talk to her!

On My Podcast To-Do List:

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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