Times have changed, my friend.

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You no longer need a fancy website to start a profitable business.

You could very well get started with just an Instagram account.

Don’t believe me? That’s how I created my six-figure business(es).

Insane, right?

I’ve got multiple income sources coming in – all thanks to a free app.

So how did I do it?

By finding a profitable niche and creating a community around my passions for travelling and working remotely.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you’re prepared to put in the hard work, it’s possible to make a decent living and quit that job you loathe.

Are you ready to find your tribe and thrive?

Here are five of the most profitable Instagram niches to get started with today. 

1. Health & Fitness

  • Are you passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle? 🍎
  • Want to show off your workout routines to the world? πŸ’ͺ
  • Or inspire people to go vegan with your delicious recipes? 
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Then hop aboard the health and fitness Instagram train!

I know what you’re thinking.

“Elise, it’s such an oversaturated niche. There is zero room for me to make any money.” πŸ™„

But don’t let that type of thinking fool you.

There is ALWAYS an opportunity for you to get a piece of that pie.

And the great thing about niches with loads of competition is that even if it’s a tiny slice, it can still mean making some serious cha-ching. πŸ˜‹

Plus, health and fitness is an evergreen niche.

People will always want to know hacks on staying healthy and how to grow that booty (for example πŸ˜‰).


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2. Beauty

  • Does your bank account quiver every time Kylie Jenner drops a new product line? πŸ’„
  • Are your friends always asking you to help them with their hair and makeup? πŸŽ€
  • Do you spend hours binge-watching beauty tutorials on YouTube? πŸ“Ί
5 of the most profitable Instagram niches - Elise Darma - beauty.jpg

Makeup artists and hairstylists are making tons of money reviewing products and sharing tips – and so can you.

The key to being successful in such a competitive niche is self expression.

Think outside the box and find a fresh new angle that you can leverage.

Maybe you have problem skin and know a ton of hacks for successfully covering ache, or you’ve got a knack for recreating high-end looks on a low-end budget.

Get creative, and you might just land a spot on your favourite brands’ PR drop list.


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3. Travel

  • Do you love exploring new places? πŸ—Ί
  • Do your friends and family ask “Where are you?” more than “How are you?” ✈️
  • Is it your dream to live out of your suitcase while getting paid? πŸŽ’
5 of the most profitable Instagram niches - travel.jpg

The phrase “how to become a travel blogger” was one of the highest searched terms in 2017.

But not everyone wants to run a full-blown blog. Luckily, you can still get paid to travel if your feed inspires just the right amount of wanderlust.

All you need to do is get super niche.

For example:

  • Backpacking, luxury or family
  • College students, senior people or millennials
  • Adventure travel, slow travel or solo female travel

The more specific, the better chance you’ll have of standing out from the sea of girls holding their boyfriend’s hand in beautiful places. πŸ™Š


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4. Business

  • Have you created a successful business? πŸ’»
  • Do you have a lot of knowledge that could help someone else’s business thrive? 🌳
  • Are you passionate about teaching people? πŸ’—
Elise Darma - Freelancer and Digital Nomad

Whether the market is up, down or sideways, if there is a way to make an extra dollar, people want to know all about it.

The great thing about becoming a business influencer is that you don’t need to have a Fortune 500 company.

You only need to know enough to be able to teach people who aren’t as far along as you.

That’s how I grew my InstaGrowth Boss course. After growing followings for clients up to 200K and amassing 70K on my personal account, I knew I could help other people achieve their business goals through Instagram.

Maybe you have a formula for getting tons of traffic from Pinterest, or you’re passionate about helping fellow farmers grow a profitable farm business…

As long as it can help someone achieve their business goals, you’ll be able to thrive in the business niche.



5. Fashion

  • Are you always posting your #OOTD on the ‘gram? πŸ‘—
  • Do your friends constantly hound you for fashion advice? πŸ‘ 
  • Is it your dream to be INVITED to attend New York Fashion Week? πŸ—½
5 of the most profitable Instagram niches - fashion.jpeg

The key to becoming successful in the fashion niche is to ask yourself what makes you different from everyone else.

Maybe you only focus on vegan-friendly brands, or you’re really good at DIY-ing cheap clothes and turning them into high fashion masterpieces.

You also don’t need to fit into a cookie-cutter mold to be a successful fashion influencer.

Work those curves, biggie-up your natural hair or whatever you love about yourself, and use it to attract your like-minded tribe.


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Which profitable niche for Instagram are you going to pick?

Sign up for my free masterclass and learn how to DOUBLE your sales, leads and clients from Instagram WITHOUT feeling sales-y, being an “Insta-model” or spending hours in the app…

Yes, it’s true! And it’s free. πŸ˜€

This masterclass is perfect for anyone who’s running their own online or local business, OR for service providers looking to learn a new skill (like consultants, coaches, agencies, social media managers, copywriters, and content marketers).

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    1. Yes , it is worthed to make a gaming page on Instagram . I had also made a gaming page “@new.gamers.star” and I also have a game related blog . In only one month I had gained 168 followers on Instagram .

  1. Hey.

    Thanks for this article.
    I’m good with poetry, visual art and performance.

    I want to start an Insta talk Channel, should I only do that or use my visual art more for a business?

  2. I am good at art but I feel like it’s hard to narrow down all of art into one, do you have any tips on how to find my niche in the art world of Instagram?

  3. I have been thinking of opening an Instagram account based on sharing the content of making money online. I have hundreds of ways of making money online/off line and would like to share this with huge following on Instagram.

    I am not too sure what name to register my account with as I would like it to be very appealing and attractive.

  4. im wanting to make a niche page that can advertise my custom clothing brand that priotises the awareness of suicide prevention would you know a good niche to start for this ?

  5. Srinjoy Majumdar

    I was thinking about making an Instagram Influencer page in the ‘Public Speaking’ niche. Would that be profitable? and how should I go about it?

  6. What happens if you are interested in more than one niche? Which one should you choose? Example: me, interested in travel, health, food and fitness, photography and fashion.

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