A few weeks ago, I flew to my hometown of Vancouver, BC and worked with the Later.com crew to create *brand new* (and free!) Instagram training for you. 


If you’re not familiar with Later, it’s one of the O.G. scheduling apps for Instagram. 

Today, there are over a MILLION Later users who use the tool to plan their feed and save a ton of time.

If you’re using Instagram to grow your business, you’ll know that starting a new Instagram account in 2018 is a LOT harder than it used to be!

I’ve seen the change… I’ve been growing accounts for business for the past 5 years.

So when Later asked me to collab with them to help business owners grow successful accounts *starting from scratch*… I literally booked a plane ticket out to Vancouver that day.

And when I met “Taylor from Later” in person – I legit felt like I was meeting a celebrity. 

I’ve been receiving her emails for years!

So here it is, friend…

If you’re using Instagram to grow your business and you want to reach your first 1K… this is the workshop for you.


In the workshop, Taylor and I cover:

  • Why Instagram is important for growing your bottom line
  • The difference between a personal and business account
  • How to brand your Instagram business profile
  • How to write an effective Instagram bio
  • What to post on Instagram to grow
  • How to use Instagram Stories to increase engagement

Sound fun?

You can totally watch all of this for FREE!

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