Freelance Biz In A Box

Online Course + Community

Freelancing gives you freedom. period.

Make my proven system work for you... to turn your bloggingsocial media, or 9-5 skills into a profitable freelance business in just 6 weeks – so you can get out there & travel the world

(...or do whatever you wanna do outside of the cubicle).

Freelance + Biz

60-Minute Strategy Session

your head is swirling with ideas. let's stop that.

I'm thinking: less ideas with noooo action plan, and just one great idea that you can focus on in the next month. Sound good? Grab 60 minutes with me and get answers to your most burning business questions.

A 3-page custom plan is included.

Mind The Gap Coaching

1-on-1 Business Coaching for 4 months

make the leap to where you want to go!

Mind The Gap is a 4-month, 1-on-1 coaching package that focuses on creating your plan for the next steps in your business, executing on it, and then bringing in those sales through your services. You get:

  • 1 pass to the Freelance Biz In A Box course (normally $997)

  • Biweekly calls (45 minutes each), recorded for your replay pleasure

  • Weekly email coaching for when you need feedback ASAP

  • Daily Voxer app access... cuz I'm always close by when you need me