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If you're a blogger, journalist, podcaster, livestream-er, or social media influencer, and would like to feature moi, Elise Darma, then – I'm not gonna lie – I already think you're pretty awesome. And have great taste.

To help make your job easier, below you'll find a bunch of "assets" (as we call in the biz) that you can freely use.

To get in touch with me, head on over to my Contact page.


Talking Points

  • Was a goody two-shoes in my formative years. Straight-A student, community volunteer, piano teacher, babysitter extraordinaire – all before 18 years old
  • Grew up in a pretty conservative, religious household. That restriction of living life according to someone else's terms is probably what made traveling at 18 years old so ridiculously freeing
  • Went on my first solo travel trip with Contiki at 18 years old (yes, there is a very old blog documenting that time, and if you ask nicely, I'll show it to you)
  • Spent my 20s doing random jobs like: working on a cruise ship, delivering morning newspapers, being a marketing intern for Contiki, teaching piano, interning at Global News, selling real estate as a licensed realtor, being a fill-in producer and associate producer for CHUM FM's morning show, anchoring Ryerson's on-campus news, and working as a social media marketer (when it was mostly just Twitter and Facebook)
  • Went to three Universities, but eventually got a degree in Radio & Television Arts
  • Worked as a 9-5er for two years straight before offering freelance services on the side
  • Was known in the office for "being frank" and having a face that couldn't hide my thoughts while in meetings
  • 9 months after starting my little side business, quit my day job
  • 3 months after quitting, went through a bad breakup that resulted in my own Eat, Pray, Love to Australia, Bali and Hawaii
  • A year after quitting my day job, finally gave a name and a website to my new business: Canupy
  • Have traveled to places like the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, Portugal and Mexico
  • Started to grow my personal Instagram account the summer of 2016
  • In less than a year, it grew to over 60,000 followers and spawned a new business – this site that you're on
  • Spend about 100 days abroad each year while running Canupy



Elise Darma makes beaches, coffee shops and co-working spaces her office by working remotely, all while growing her international marketing agency, Canupy. She’s run her agency full-time through over 30 international cities, with spotty WiFi and monkeys grabbing at her snacks (true story). 

Through her agency, she's collectively grown Instagram accounts to over 250,000 followers, brokered 100s of deals between influencers and brands, and has delivered more blogs and newsletters than she can count.

With an Instagram following of over 70,000, Elise additionally offers online courses and one-on-one coaching to other aspiring "travelpreneurs" who seek freedom from the 9-5.



Working from treetop offices and beachside cafes, Elise Darma has accomplished what most millennials dream of: total freedom from the 9-5. All while growing her own business and helping clients grow theirs.

Spending on average about 100 days of the year abroad, Elise simultaneously runs Canupy, a content marketing agency for e-commerce brands. Clients include GoDaddy, Shelfies, Dicks Cottons, Clementine Fields, ShippingTree, and myRealPage. 

Canupy started in 2013 as a side business when Elise worked in a 9-5 marketing job. In 2014, it became Elise's full-time focus, and today, she runs it with a team of 3 people.

While growing the agency, Elise has traveled to Bali, Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, Portugal, the British Virgin Islands (and got to visit Necker Island while there).

An avid Instagrammer, Elise shares her business and travel wanderings on the 'gram as @elisedarma. Having reached over 60,000 followers in less than a year, Elise founded a second business to help others achieve their own "travelpreneur" goals. Elise works one-on-one with clients so that their own businesses (and Instagrams) can thrive, and so they can build their own life of freedom and travel.  

Raised in British Columbia, Elise spent her early years volunteering in her community as Miss White Rock before attending Simon Fraser University –– all before making the world her oyster. Born to a Canadian mom and a Maltese father, Elise had travel in her blood from a young age, as travel allowed her to connect with family members all around the world.


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Elise Darma - Freelancer, Instagram Marketer and Digital Nomad

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Photography by Michael Rousseau.