Not too long ago, I had a personal Instagram account of about 2,500 followers.

Grow your Instagram and monetize it too (plus, join the waitlist!).png

I had had that account since 2012 (when I first joined Instagram).

That means in the 4 years that I was active on Instagram, I averaged about 625 followers each year. Mind you, my focus was not on growth – Instagram was just a place to house my random pics that only my friends saw.

Fast-forward to today with just over 120,000 followers…

how to grow your instagram account

What changed? 


If I could summarize it in one blog post here, I would. 

However, to really break down the process, steps and methodology, I’d literally have to show you.

And the best way to do that is with videos and full, in-depth explanations.

(Not to mention handy cheatsheets, checklists, swipe files and templates that you can use to not just grow your own Instagram account, but actually monetize it through partnerships, service offerings, and products for sale.)

Plus, a place to answer your questions will be the cherry on top.

I’m compiling ALL of what I’ve learned (it’s equivalent to about 200 hours worth of time spent testing and learning) into one mega course

InstaGrowth Boss Masterclass webinar on a computer

The course is focused on how to grow a quality Instagram account (with real, engaged followers), and then how to take things a step further by showing you how to monetize those followers, depending on what your brand is or what it offers. 

So no matter if you’re a personal account, a blog, a service-based business or an online shop, the course will show you how to make money through your Instagram account – step-by-step.

The methods I share are things I’ve done to monetize my personal account, but also what I’ve done from the other side (when I represented brands to work with influencers).

Quick backstory: for years, I’ve offered marketing services through my agency Canupy. And in that role, I’ve represented brands (my clients) while working with influencers specifically from Instagram.

I know what brands look for. 

I know what’s worked for me and my personal account.

And I’ll show you exactly how to run your Instagram account as a business that generates you income – no matter what your brand does or offers. 

This course has been a long time comin’ and I’m excited to transfer everything from my brain and experience into one place so that by the end of it, your Instagram knowledge and know-how will be at πŸ’―.

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