Changes are a comin’ to Instagram.

You’ve probably heard a few rumours already…

“The shadow ban is a monster!” πŸ€–

“Feeds will change to 4 images across instead of 3!”

“The algorithm WANTS me to fail!” πŸ˜­

With everyone being so spooked πŸ‘» lately, I think now is the perfect time for me to roll up my sleeves and help out with your account’s growth as much as I can – REGARDLESS if these changes ever do really come or not. (#rumourmill)

So next week starting on Monday, I’m holding a free 5-day Instagram Growth Challenge.


I get how hard it can be to get in the rhythm of consistent Instagram growth. It’s honestly a constant work in progress – even for me still to this day.

(But worth it? OH YES.)

So in just 5 days, I want you to see your normal weekly Instagram followers DOUBLE as you make tweaks to your account.

That means your regular 50 new followers each week? I want you to double that to 100. 🎊


Plus, since I’m obsessed with Halloween, this live 5-day Instagram Growth Challenge comes with special TRICKS and TREATS!

TRICKS πŸƒ = my daily tips on how to “trick” the Instagram platform and algorithm so that your account can grow faster.

TREATS 🍭 = daily live chats in a private Facebook group where I’ll review your account changes, give feedback, and help with your unique strategy as much as I possibly can. Yup, #forreal.

Aaaannnnnd of course I have a few surprises up my sleeve to celebrate my love for treats, Halloween and YOU. (But I’ll keep those a secret for now.)

➑️ ➑️ CLICK HERE to save your spot in the free Challenge.


You might be wondering who this challenge is for?

Well, I’ve designed it specifically for a few of my favourite people:

  • Brand new Instagrammers
    • Not sure where to start? This challenge will get your foundations for growth solid ✊
  • Influencers and bloggers
    • So you wanna attract your tribe? We’ll cover that in this challenge!
  • Coaches, freelancers and entrepreneurs
    • Can you keep a secret? Instagram is a killer way to grow your biz and bring in cash. Just ask Jordan Duvall, who’s made over $11,000 from Instagram:

Ready to get in on this action?

This live challenge starts Monday October 23rd so save your seat right HERE to access all the goodies!

P.S. Wondering who the heck I am to be hosting this challenge?

Besides loving a little costume dress-up every now and then, I’ve been growing Instagram accounts for clients since 2013 – accumulating over 250,000 followers along the way.

My own personal account @elisedarma grew to over 60,000 in a year, resulting in free travel and multiple brand collabs.

My mission now is to share everything I’ve learned about Instagram growth and monetization with YOU!

Ready to do this?

Let’s make this THE year your Instagram growth takes off.

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