Ahhh September.

The perfect time to harness the “back to school” energy of the fall season and do lots of big things.


That was my thinking back in August, anyway.

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I kicked September off with a trip to California!

So September was a bit of an ambitious month, including:

  • Travel to LA and Vancouver for a few days of filming (more on that to come soon!)
  • Hosting two live masterclasses
  • Travel to Holland for a week
  • Launching the Bali retreat
  • Prepping to travel to Connecticut for a week in early October
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In addition, I hired on another contractor to help out with the editing of my videos. (So if you’re keeping count, that’s a total of 5 contractors who help me run my agency and my personal brand business.)

*If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen all the behind-the-scenes of each of these activities over in my Stories… so *hint hint* to follow me there if you don’t already.

But here’s a quick recap for ya if you missed my Stories.

At the very beginning of September, I hung out in Venice Beach, California for a few days to meet with a videographer.

The goal? To capture my story so that I could better answer the question: “So, what do you do?” or the other one: “How did you get started?”

I’m super excited/scared to see the finished product of my story captured on film.

I sometimes get the “vulnerability hangover” just at the thought of this video being out there for you to see… but then, I come back to the fact that it could help answer a lot of these questions that I don’t currently answer very well.

After the shoot (exhausting, btw – all the respect to models and actors), I hung out with my family in White Rock, BC, Canada for a few days.

Then, it was back to Toronto to prep for TWO live masterclasses that I wanted to host.

I’ve held this particular masterclass before, but I wanted to do it live again to get some solid feedback and to understand if my class and offer were still relevant to my audience.

P.S. if you’re EVER looking for feedback on an idea, program or course you want to offer… there’s nothing like running a live class or webinar to understand your audience.

You’ll gain a ton of insights just based on the number of signups you get, the number of people who show up live, the questions you get while you’re live, and if anyone yells “SHUTTUP I WANT IT” at you when you present your free or paid offer.

My Instagram Stories truly tell the whole… story. 😁

Like a bozo, however, I scheduled the very last live class on the DAY I was leaving for Holland.

Stress-case, much? It’s like I ask for it.

But I’m proud to say that I pulled off both live classes, even amidst potential tech hiccups, and got tons of great feedback from my audience who participated.

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Then, I was off to Holland with my boyfriend.

The trip was meant to be a bit of a holiday…

But me? My work carried on throughout the trip.

First, there were the wrap-up activities and emails to carry out from the masterclasses I held right before my trip.

Then, I also JUST launched my Bali retreat… so during the whole trip, I was fully into those promos, jumping on calls and answering questions for people.

And then, as usual, there was the ongoing work and support involved with my free Instagram masterclass.

That sweater sure served me well in Holland. #lightpacker

I do have team members who help me out with aspects of my business, but I haven’t reached the point yet where things are FULLY taken care of when I step away from the biz. Most of that is on me – lack of organization and systems, which are all a work in progress at this point.

So while my time in Holland was a mix of business and time-off, I actually had a few realizations during that trip which I’ll share with you soon in my upcoming vlog series. 🎥

For now, let’s dive into the numbers for September!

September 2018 Revenue


September 2018 Expenses

  • Advertising and promotion: $9,556.15
  • Bank fees: $193.32
  • ClickFunnels*: $393.83
  • ConvertKit*: $267.47
  • Teachable*: $0 (annual fee paid already)
  • Dropbox*: $13.51
  • Acuity*: $33.46
  • Deadline Funnel: $90.60
  • Canva: $17.33
  • Morevago: $13.52
  • Buffer: $13.34
  • Google Apps: $10.00
  • Grum: $18.42
  • Amazon web services: $20.83
  • iTunes: $3.99
  • Lumen5: $66.26
  • Squarespace: $289.07
  • GoDaddy: $202.80
  • Contractors: $6,025.28
  • Accounting services: $367.25
  • Meals and entertainment: $785.61
  • Phone and Internet: $198.27
  • Training, education and events: $1,485.98
  • Flights, accommodations and Uber: $1,599.56

TOTAL EXPENSES: $21,665.85

Net profit: $3,762.13

Salary to Elise: $3,000

* = affiliate link

This month, my ambition spread not just to my travels and launches, but also to my business investments as well! 😝

As mentioned above, I hired on a new contractor which has upped that expense. (I’ll see the return on this investment soon!)

And I also booked quite a bit of travel this month too, increasing that expense to be higher than usual.

My training and education has more or less been steady, as that includes the mastermind that I’m apart of, as well as two other programs that offer on-going training.

[Yes, it’s important to invest in yourself and your business, no matter what level you’re at.]

And when it comes to my advertising spend, I did not receive the same return on my ad spend as I did last month (it was about a 1.5X compared to the normal 2X) and I added in new ads too for the Bali retreat.

The result? Less product sales in September compared to August sales.

My takeaway for you?

Less is sometimes more.

If you’re on the go a lot like me, plan your launches and travels accordingly… don’t try to stuff everything together, back-to-back, ALL THE TIME.

Even though you know you’re a superstar and you *can* do it if you really want to…. give yourself a little grace and breathing room instead.

All things will happen as they should.

(Do I sound a little more zen than usual? I just got back from a yoga retreat. You’ll hear all about that in next month’s report!)

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