What does that even mean? 🤔

Does it sometimes feel like the term is overused, abused and… just plain silly? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

These 3 steps will make you an Instagram influencer.png

When someone calls themselves a social media influencer, it can almost sound facetious. 

But if we unwrap the term, what we’re REALLY talking about is someone who has put themselves (or their content) out there into the world – and it’s resonating with others. 

It’s creating a movement of people who are all bonded together under one common interest. 

Did you notice that I said “one”?

Yep, being specific to one overarching idea is the first step to becoming an influencer on Instagram. 

But before I dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s just cover WHY someone would want to be an influencer on a platform – just so we’re all on the same page. Cool? 


How to get 1,000 Instagram followers – fast

How I kickstarted my Instagram to 45,000 followers

I’m not gonna lie – it typically takes A LOT of work, time and consistency to grow as an influencer on Instagram. But the benefits? We’re talking:

  • free* flights
  • free accommodation
  • free activities (think: sailing, car rentals, drones, etc)
  • free meals
  • free products
  • free tech equipment
  • etc…

*(Free is relative because there’s always an agreement in place in exchange for the goods.)

PLUS – on top of it all – payment! Payment for your time, work and influence. 

So what are the 3 key steps to becoming in influencer on Instagram? Let’s dive in!

How I became an Instagram influencer 👆

1. Get niche. Even more niche. Keep going. There you go.

Niche-ing is so hot right now. 🔥

But there’s good reason for it. 

In today’s world, it no longer works for brands to just market to the masses. 

They want to speak to a specific type of person. Just one

And if your Instagram account attracts that one specific type of person – BOOM. You’ve just made your worth known to those brands. 👏

Now, how specific are we talking? 


Save yourself the time, struggle and headache in trying to grow quickly by getting specific sooner rather than later. 

Take @kaitkillebrew, for example, who’s built a “Disney lifestyle blog.” 

Say what? 

I know. I didn’t know such a niche existed, but it does!

Kait has been building her blog’s influence over on Instagram as a student of InstaGrowth Boss and is positioning herself to be the perfect influencer for Disney. Yes, the where-dreams-come-true, $50+ billion company.

The best part? 

She doesn’t need 100,000 or even 10,000 followers to be considered an influencer. 

She’s already been sent free product by small shops in the Disney community because they see her as an effective micro-influencer with a strong, engaged community all bonded together over their love of Disney. 

Have a peek for yourself!


2. You are not a human. You are a brand.

Harsh? Maybe. But true.

When it comes to building up an Instagram profile, treat your feed like your very own magazine – that delivers consistent content to your readers. 

As humans, we’re multi-faceted individuals with many, many interests. 

That’s all fine and good, but I see fast growth happens on Instagram when you stick to one theme as part of your “personal brand” – and do not stray from that. 

Followers like consistency, predictability, and you continually delivering on what they originally followed you for.

This generally also means that you wanna show off your best side. 

This does NOT mean that you can’t be real with your followers – that you can’t show the more raw sides of yourself. 

But what it DOES mean is that if you and your audience are bonded together over one common interest (see #1 up above), then you want to be excellent at delivering that content that bonds you all together. Make sense? 

So if your Instagram profile is built around you and your lifestyle under one umbrella theme, take the time to create high quality content and photography that tell stories through your visuals and your captions. 

And hey – if your brand is built on images that defy the typical Instagram look of edited, inspirational perfection – then keep doing what you’re doing. 

The point is: if you’re building an Instagram account based on you, choose a theme for your personal brand and stick to it. 

If you’re building an account that’s NOT based on you as person, you’re still gonna want to stick to a theme and build a brand around that. 

Here’s an example of a personal account that’s built around the theme of hair and makeup.

And yes, Jen (who’s also a student of InstaGrowth Boss) is receiving free product from brands with just over 1,600 followers – simply because they “like her brand.”


3. You’ve gotta PITCH yo-self

In July of 2016, I had just over 5,000 followers on Instagram. 


Not much when it you compare it to today’s 68,000 followers, but that still didn’t stop me from pitching myself to brands!

I knew I was building up a niche following of “travelpreneurs,” digital nomads and remote workers. 

So when the opportunity came along to pitch Surf Office to run their Instagram each day in exchange for free accommodation in Lisbon – I jumped at it!

And I got it.

elise darma surf office

This was the start of my influencer life.

And from there, it became a whole lot easier to pitch and work with other similar brands – like Nomad Life and PACK. Adventures.

Moral of the story?

You *could* sit back and wait for brands related to your niche to find you. 

(For that, I’d highly recommend trending in relevant hashtags – and for THAT, I recommend InstaGrowth Boss.)

But you’ll become an Instagram influencer WAY faster if you get proactive about it. 

That means owning your niche, building a brand around that niche, and taking the time to reach out to dream brands you’d love to work with. 

For the complete step-by-step system on building an addictive brand on Instagram, growing that brand, and then monetizing your efforts as an influencer, you need to get inside InstaGrowth Boss.

InstaGrowth Boss - Elise Darma

Warning ⚠️

You can expect results like @strategy_gal, who earned herself 2 paid brand sponsorships, 3 new clients and 4,300 new followers – in 4 months.

Or @naomichambers, who’s gained 600 new followers and 10x new clients to her business.

<< I know, right! >>

These results are no joke. And neither is being an ~Instagram influencer~ if you do it right.

So my question for you is: are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to be an Instagram influencer?

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