Mmm… do you smell that?

Chestnuts are roasting over open fires… Jack Frost is nipping at your nose…

That’s right people, it’s finally (FINALLY!) the holidays again!

But this is no shock to you. I mean… you’ve already done your holiday shopping and your yard is full of inflatable snowmen and lights, right?

A holiday gift guide for the travel lover in your life


Ooooh… that’s probably how you wound up here.

Well, I can’t help you decorate your yard (maybe if you bribe me with homemade sugar cookies) but I can help with the gift part.

Especially if you’re needing gift ideas for the TRAVEL lover on your list.

Sensible, packable and with my travel stamp of approval — I dare you not to buy them for yourself (but I’m not here to judge 😄).

✈️ Affordable Gifts for Travel 💵


This isn’t your grandma-esque candle holiday gift. This candle is laced with nostalgia, perfect for the grounded traveler.


If travelers love to do anything, it’s to talk about their travels once they return home.

Instead of listening to them go on and on about how much they miss the croissants in France or caipirinhas on the beach in Brazil — buy them a candle that smells like it!

The refreshing scent of eucalyptus from Australia and even rich curry from India… there’s a candle for that.

Or, if they’re traveling right now and are missing home during the holidays, transport them back to their childhood bedroom with one whiff of sweet apples (USA) or fresh mountain air (Canada).

Click HERE to shop the Homesick Scented Candle.


Portable and USB chargeable essential oil diffuser. Say whaaaat?


Give your traveler the gift of air!

But not just any air — good smelling and moisture-filled air. The gift that keeps on giving. (Seriously, who doesn’t love some fresh air?)

This affordable travel gift un-stinks hotel rooms and puts life back into my dry skin after long flights. Gotta stay smellin’ and lookin’ fresh, ya know?

Bonus additional gift if you’re feeling particularly generous this holiday season and want to one-up everyone else: portable essential oils.

Mmm… can you smell the fresh lavender air already?

Click HERE to shop the Portable Essential Oil Diffuser.


A travel gift as old as time itself: travel journals.

The I Was Here travel journal has an entertaining twist that makes it a seriously unique gift idea for the globe-trotter in your life.


Provided prompts allow for even those pen-shy travelers to document their time on the road.

Promoting slower and more meaningful travel, the journal has prompts such as “ask people for their favorite recipe” and has a page to list restaurants you’ve visited with a “yum” or “yuck” option.

P.S. I’m seriously buying this for all of my on-the-move friends this year.

Click HERE to shop the I Was Here: Travel Journal.

✈️ Unique Gifts for Travel 😍


Warning — will induce further wanderlust!

I love visuals that keep track of all the awesome places I’ve traveled to. Even more, I like to see where I HAVEN’T been so I can add to my (ever-growing) destination bucket list.


This colorful and interactive map is a meaningful gift idea for travelers who love keeping track of all of the spots they’ve been to.

Also, I say this from first-hand experience: there is nothing in the world more satisfying than scratching off a new country when you get home from your travels.

It’s also a guaranteed way to keep your jet-setting loved one coming back home. They’ve gotta come back to their map just to scratch off their new destination! 😉 So it’s a win-win for both you and your travel lover.

(Quarters for scratching not included.)

Click HERE to shop the Scratch Off World Map.


Cocktails on a plane (much preferred to snakes on a plane) is my kinda travel approach.

Definitely a unique travel gift idea that all jet-setters will appreciate!


First of all, it’s small and cute — and everyone loves that. Secondly, it involves cocktails. (I’m not sure I need a third reason; “cute” and “cocktails” sound like an excellent gift to me!)

Moscow mules, old fashions and margaritas… a little bit of something for everyone.

Order the hard stuff when the cart rolls by; mix, shake and pour while watching the world pass by from the airplane window.


Click HERE to shop the Carry-On Cocktail Kit.


Nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning! (Or tea, if that’s your thing).


Fuel your travel lover’s wanderlust with a heat sensitive world map mug.

They’ll wake up with the rest of the world as the mug begins to “light up” when hot liquids are poured inside. When the coffee, tea or hot cocoa cools down or gets finished off — the world goes back to sleep again.

Don’t ask me how. It’s science.

Click HERE to shop the Day and Night World Map Mug.


Have coffee, will travel.

Crappy and watered-down hotel coffee is a thing of the past.


Perfect for the coffee and travel obsessed, this unique travel gift idea produces quality espresso from anywhere with access to water!

Light and compact — they’ll never have to endure crap coffee again.

Ho, ho, ho — who wants espresso on the go?

Click HERE to shop the Portable Espresso Machine.

✈️ Practical Gifts for Travel 🙌


You know what I call those outlet adapters with a bazillion attachments? A nightmare.


Enter… my savior.

Wherever your travel bug is headed to next, make sure all their electronics are juiced up. With a few swift flips on the adapter, their laptops, phones and cameras are ready to take on outlets from all around the world.

Seriously, this affordable travel gift ranks on the same level of importance as packing my passport.

Click HERE to shop the Universal Travel Adapter.


While I much prefer chicken tacos, these cord tacos still serve a purpose in my life.


Hold the cilantro and salsa — cord tacos ensure all my wires and cords stay organized, tangle (and salsa) free while rolling around in my bag. Perfectly organized and protected from the elements. Genius.

Funny name, serious problem solver.

Click HERE to shop the Cord Tacos.


Have the traveler in your life be the most STYLISH person on the airplane.

Okay, maybe not the most stylish, but definitely the most well-rested.

image-asset (1)

Long overnight flights and uncomfortable bus rides come with the territory of this whole travel thing.

This funny-yet-practical neck pillow makes for a brilliant gift idea for travel lovers and makes snoozing on the plane a little more comfortable!

I mean, who doesn’t love sleep?

Bulky neck pillows are a thing of the past. This cozy neck support packs away flat making for the ultimate packable yet comfortable neck pillow.

Just trust me on this one.

Click HERE to shop the TRTL Neck Pillow.


If you love naps, raise your hand!


If you find it hard to sleep on planes, buses, trains or anywhere outside of your comfy, comfy bed, raise your hand!


Enter: the Casper Nap Pillow. Small enough to take with you, squishy, comfortable, washable, and comes with its own cute little bag.

image-asset (10)

It’s an absolute must-have for any traveler that loves and cherishes their sleep.

Nap away.

Click HERE to shop the Casper Nap Pillow.


These. Are. Gold.


Seriously, whoever decided “hey, let’s make small zippable bags to fit nicely into even bigger bags” is an actual genius.

Organize your travel lover’s life with this 7-piece packing cube set. No more stuffing clothes into a suitcase and hoping to find that one t-shirt that’s probably at the bottom (and now a wrinkly mess).

Shorts and pants in one cube, shirts in another — simple concept, yet a traveling game changer.

Click HERE to shop the 7-Piece Packing Cube Set.


What’s better than 2-wheel drive?

4-wheel drive.



I love, love, love this suitcase. It’s durable, it’s spacious and it even zooms well.

By “zooms,” I mean I can get to my terminal at impressive speeds because of how smooth this bad boy is.

(Are you seeing the visual of me “zooming” through the airport? ‘Cause I am.)

All travelers will agree, you’re only as good as your gear. A reliable suitcase is the best gift for any travel lover, hands down!

Click HERE to shop the Delsey 4-Wheel, Spinner Suitcase.


Multi-use, packable and soft — the travel gift trifecta.


A fabulous beach towel, the perfect sarong, a picnic blanket or even a scarf for the chilly hotel A/C — have I proven the “multi-use” point yet?

Perfect for all kinds of destinations, your globe-trotter will appreciate how multifunctional this gift is. Not to mention, they have enough colors to have a different Turkish Towel every single day of the week.

Click HERE to shop the Turkish Towels.

Did you get through this entire list of travel gifts without sneaking one for yourself?

travel lover gift ideas

(Seriously, I won’t tell.)

But do you have a billion friends, family, clients or pets to buy gifts for… and need even MORE ideas?

I’ve got you for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and any other holidays you celebrate.

Below is my FULL list of travel, business and fun gift ideas – perfect for even the pickiest of friends, family or clients.

Now that you’ve chipped away at your holiday shopping, time to get that blow-up snowman in the yard!

The homemade sugar cookie offer still stands.

Happy Holidays!

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