Bali is where it all began for me and my online business.

So returning to the island of the gods… 🌴 it really was a full circle moment for me.

For those of you that have been following my journey for longer, you’ll know that my first venture out to Bali was a huge catalyst for my business.

Bali elise darma pin.png

It was the first domino piece that fell and triggered the unraveling of events… all the way to me being here, right now, in this moment, typing up this blog post.

Trippy, right?

So when I set about hosting another business retreat, I hoped that the attendees would also feel the magic and experience the transformations that I had in Bali my first time being there.

Fast forward a few months of designing this business retreat, inviting participants, and excited booking of flights later

February 2019.

7 women gathered in the luscious forests of Ubud, Bali to embark on a 10-day journey of growing their businesses, building connections with each other, and experiencing all that Bali had to offer.

And so… I am excited to announce that the Highlights video for the Bali Chill ‘n’ Work Retreat has finally arrived. 🎉

If you missed out on this retreat, grab a comfy chair, sit back, relax and check out the video below to see all that we got up to!

Now that I’ve had a bit of time to digest all the amazing things that happened at the retreat, here are 3 of the most unforgettable things that I will remember forever from the Bali Chill ‘n’ Work Retreat.

1. Beautiful transformations ✨

At the beginning of the retreat, I told the ladies: “I want this retreat to be a place where you have a transformational moment. That’s what I really want for you this week.”

I told them that I was here to facilitate, to break down anything that they get stuck on, and to ultimately: get that lightbulb turned on for them. 💡

So… the million dollar question: were there lightbulb moments?

Take a watch through this video to find out for yourself! 👇

This video made me tear up a little to watch. Being an entrepreneur, all you could ever hope for is to make real change, to influence, and to encourage others to pursue and grow their passions.

Every time I am given the opportunity and honor to do that, it humbles me and makes me so eternally grateful.

Or as the Balinese would say: 🙏

2. Three words: Incredible. Value. Galore.

If I had to list out every. single. moment. that incredible value was shared between participants or by presenters during this retreat, this list would stretch out into the never-ending blackhole of the internet.

But here are a few workshop highlights and feedback from participants:


Ruth shared an amazing presentationon how to recharge, refresh and refocus as a business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur, and gave us actionable strategies that we could use each day in our business to feel focused and in control, versus overwhelmed and panicked.

From the attendees:

“When it comes to mindset, everyone is at a different level, depending on their past experiences. For a novice, it was a well put together presentation, with insightful information and tips.”


In this workshop, I shared how I created my multi-6-figure income streams through my popular online courses, as well as the 8-week plan the attendees could follow to launch and create their very own first e-product!

From the attendees:

“Fantastic framework and guide on how to get started.”

“Super helpful for where I am at. Always love Elise’s style: straightforward and informative.”


Natty Valencia, one of my friends and coaching students (super full circle!), presented an inspiring talk on how to make sure your online branding is unique enough to stand out in the mass sea of online content and brands!

From the attendees:

“Brilliant presentation, looking at marketing through the lens of the customer.”

“Really got me thinking about my brand.”


In this workshop, I shared on all things storytelling and getting free press for your business, including how I successfully pitched podcasts and popular online websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Later and Teachable. I also gave out my tried-and-true email pitch templates!

From the attendees:

“Brilliant strategies.”

“Enjoyed these very much and gave me clarity, focus and insight.”


Now, it wouldn’t be an Elise party if we didn’t chat all things Instagram.

In the live hot seats, I shared strategic feedback on all the retreat attendees’ Instagram accounts, focusing on messaging, branding and best practices to grow a biz with Instagram in 2019.


Just writing this out again, I’m blown away by the amount of cool stuff that was shared at the retreat.

If you’re feelin’ bummed about missing out on the workshops that I mention above, don’t be!

I have a special surprise 🎁 just for you at the bottom of this post.

Aside from the workshops, there was also just so much awesome general biz knowledge being thrown around.

I asked someone on my team to scribble down any powerful or memorable gems that they heard…

She later told me that she was taking notes nonstop trying to catch everything valuable that was being shared.

Here are some powerful truth bombs said during the retreat that we managed to get down on paper:


  • “Trying to cater to everybody means you’re catering to no one.”


  • “If you don’t learn to talk about yourself and to talk about your business, you don’t have a business.”
  • “You need to learn to flex that confidence muscle. It’s not about ego, it’s not about bragging — you are being honest and real and providing value.”
  • “You are doing your audience a disservice by not sharing what you are able to do.”
  • “If you don’t believe in yourself and make things happen, nothing’s going to happen — no workshop, no courses — nothing.”


  • “Instead of being that ‘expert,’ you’re being the growth leader. You’re helping people grow, and I think that’s very powerful because it’s more relatable.”


  • “I’m spending at least $1,000 a month on the tools that run my business. And it’s worth it when you look at the ROI.”
  • “Often times, if you only try to use the free tools, you spend a lot of time trying to ‘figure it out’ that honestly would be time better spent creating your products or revenue-generating activities.”

All of us, basically everyday: 💥😳💥

On a non-serious, fun side note:

Aside from just business lessons, we also learned one important lesson as a group, and that was best practices for safety when it comes to monkeys. 🐒

monkey bali ubud retreat.gif

Yeah, I’m not even joking.

Our hotel was right next to the Sacred Monkey Forest, which meant monkeys were roaming our balconies and workspaces, so we were given orientation into the basics of the cheeky, cheeky Balinese monkeys.

It was quite the experience for all of us, but it made for some funny stories of stolen chocolate cake 👉, stolen chili paste or a monkey who was just really adamant about wanting to touch a candle.

The retreat consisted almost exclusively of amazing moments, but naturally, as with any life experiences, it wasn’t all cherries and rainbows.

The biggest not-so-great moment: the $5,563 mistake that I made in Bali.

But what ultimately made the retreat so incredibly worth it and unforgettable in every way were…

3. The beautiful, inspirational, and impressive women that came

Well, well, well. What can I say?

Ladies, it was an absolute pleasure.

I’m so excited to see what each of you get up to in the coming months, because I know we will definitely be hearing from every single one of you.

Check out this beautiful, super professionally taken car selfie of all of the amazing retreat participants! (Coincidentally, also my favorite photo of the entire retreat 😬)

I can’t wait to see:

  • Ale’s calligraphy and product photography business take off,
  • Natalie to charm the entire online world with her beautiful personality and copywriting talent,
  • Ash’s fitness programs and her inspiring story to take the world by storm,
  • Anna to become the biz and life coach for Perth-based small businesses, and
  • Ruth continuing on to share her amazing gift of mental health wellbeing with more and more businesses around the world.

I’m so incredibly amazed at the amount of work and dedication that each attendee put into our time together and growing themselves in their businesses and mindset.

Aside from the business “stuff,” I also felt a strong connection within the group itself and all the bonds that were being formed through the shared laughter over silly monkeys, delicious pad thai, and personal backstories.

Just to highlight one specific personal favorite of the retreat: our time together at Jungle Fish. 🐠

I don’t think I can put the beautiful, surreal experience that we had together at Jungle Fish into words.


A little snippet from our time at Jungle Fish… stuff of amazing, empowering girl power movies, right? 😍

Here is also a beautiful post by Ruth, one of our amazing participants and workshop presenters, that really summarizes the time we shared together and each amazing lady:

As Ruth writes in this caption:“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh

And what a grand adventure it was.

Thank you to the Darma 7 for a beautiful, incredible, and unforgettable time together in Bali. 🙏

So… ya missed out on the Bali retreat but still want to grab all the valuable workshops and goodies?

You’re in luck, my friend.

Someone slid into my DMs on Instagram and was like, “Can we still grab the workshop recordings from the retreat if we aren’t able to make it?”

And I was like, “Umm… Absolutely!”

What can I say? I give the people what they want, especially if what they want extends out the power of the knowledge and value shared during the retreat!

Unveiling…. the Virtual Ticket to the Bali Retreat. Ta-daaaaaah!

Grab your Virtual Ticket today to get instant access to all the value-packed and actionable business and Instagram trainings that were shared at the Bali Chill ‘n’ Work Retreat!

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