An easy morning productivity hack for freelancers

For a while there as a freelancer, I thought I was saving myself *sooo* much time by waking up and:

  • not showering first thing
  • not changing out of my PJs
  • not eating breakfast

…and just working straight through the day.

BUT, while I thought I was being super productive by cutting out “time-consuming” (meaning, non-billable) activities like commuting, dressing up and doing my hair, I actually found I was more foggy-brained with less energy and less focus (especially after hitting the 4 or 5-hour mark).

So one day, in a quest to fix my own angst about my lack of productivity, I changed my routine (brilliant, I know).

I woke up and I didn’t just jump into my emails right away.

Instead, I showered. I made breakfast. I did my makeup. I even walked to the postal office to pick up a package. And then I started my day. 

Here’s my theory on what happened next.

Throughout my workday, I had a new mindset. Call it self care? Self respect? Something shifted that made me feel… different. 

It was almost as if each task I worked on became more purposeful. And I became more professional.

It felt like my coworkers or clients were literally there, watching me (even though they weren’t – it was just me and my plants).

If you’re a freelancer or are just starting your freelancing business, here’s how to make the most out of your days.

(P.S. Welcome to being your own boss!)

  1. Get up before 8am.
  2. Shower and put on decent clothes (no PJs).
  3. Eat breakfast and make coffee or tea.
  4. Check emails; get a feel for where things in your business are.
  5. Write out your to-do list, starting with the most urgent and important. Aim to list out about 5 to 6 tasks you’d like to accomplish that day.
  6. Start working on your first task and don’t get distracted with the others until #1 is done.

This simple morning routine is how you can combat your distractions and brain-fog. It’s what I do over and over again, and it’s totally reset my day for the better. 

These lessons I’ve learned the hard way. Here is the free starter checklist so you can skip ahead, get there faster than I did, and do this full-time. 

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