Free Challenge: Double your weekly Instagram followers in 5 days

For years, I've been an avid Instagrammer.

I joined the platform back in 2012, and I'd do the norm: post party pics, food pics, and truly bizarre, ~naturally edited~ stuff like this:



At the same time, I was working full-time to grow clients' Instagram accounts.

So when the day came that I wanted MORE clients, I decided to "walk my own talk" and grow my own personal account – as proof of my expertise.

I started posting more often... but... no one really cared.

My followers? They stayed around the same number for a YEAR.

free challenge instagram.png

Plus, I hated the feeling of being "sales-y" and even more, I hated the drop in engagement (and followers) each time I'd share a "sales-y" post.

I started to question if a personal account like mine could really help my business grow.

BUT, the more time went on, I knew I was missing out on growing my personal brand online (and my business).

A lot has changed since then.

In less than a year...

My Instagram account grew by over 50,000 followers...

My service business grew...

AND, a second business sprouted (unexpectedly).

Instagram has been a game-changer for me, and that's why I'm excited to invite you to the free 5-day challenge:

Double Your Weekly Instagram Followers... In 5 Days

Tired of just getting 10 new followers each week? By the end of the challenge, we'll double that number for you to 20. Or if you're averaging 100 new followers a week, let's bump that up to 200.

Bottom line: if you've been struggling to grow your Instagram account, this is for you.

Here's how it'll work:

Hit the button above, sign up, and I'll send you 5 days' worth of Instagram gold.

In those 5 days, I'll send you a daily email with mini training that you can implement to your Instagram account within 10-15 minutes.

Then, we'll meet  each day in the Facebook group (join here if you haven't yet) to cover that day's topic.

Sound good?

REGISTER HERE for the free Instagram growth challenge >>

I'll be looking for you there!

~ Elise

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About the Author:

Elise Darmanin believes that "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." That's why she makes beaches, coffee shops and co-working spaces her office by working remotely while growing Canupy Content. Canupy is a social media and copywriting agency for small to medium-sized businesses. The Canupy team helps brands grow through social media marketing, copywriting and content strategies that inspire audiences and drive sales.